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Following are some of the commonly accepted tips by most stock advisors world-wide. It will serve as enrichment to a new investor and a refresher for an experienced investor.

  1. Research the companies before you invest in their stocks
  2. Do not trade on rumors
  3. Buy Companies that you trust (for your everyday needs)
  4. Trend is your Friend
  5. Timing the entry and exit is possible
  6. Buy when the market signals the start of a bull trend (for a stock)
  7. Buy leading stocks that are outperforming the market
  8. Invest small portion of total capital per trade
  9. Do not trade in stocks of one sector alone
  10. Reward is proportional to Risk
  11. Think value, not price
  12. Good judgment comes from experience
  13. Experience comes from bad judgment
  14. Sell when the bull trend has ended (for a stock)
  15. Liquidate your worst position first
  16. Exit quickly or correctly
  17. Be consistent in your trading philosophy
  18. Plan for contingencies
  19. Do not overtrade
  20. Its better to buy the ‘wrong’ stocks at the right time than to buy the right stocks at the wrong time
  21. Trade with the trends rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms
  22. As long as a market is moving up do not rush to book profits
  23. Money cannot be made everyday from the markets
  24. Avoid making averages when stock price is coming down

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