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Investors are free to make investments of any size. There is no binding on number of shares to be purchased or sold. An investor can buy a single share or thousands of shares depending upon his investment level. However, if the investment levels are high, the investor can avail Portfolio Advisory Services from experts at Hidayaa.

Some common questions that linger on ones mind - how to invest, when to invest, should I invest all my funds in one stock, one sector, etc? A general thumb rule is to spread your investments in multiple sectors and limit your investment in each stock to about 15-20%. Also book profits when stocks have gained 25-30% on your purchase price. Please note that these are some guidelines and should not be treated as rules. The above guidelines will vary depending upon individual preferences and market conditions. Please contact our experts at Hidayaa for more details and portfolio advisory services.

Who Can Invest?

All Indian citizens whether residents or non-residents (NRI) can invest in the Indian Stock Market. You could be a salaried employee or an employer yourself, a busy professional or a part-time employee, a full-time or a part-time investor, you can still be a successful investor under the guidance of Hidayaa. Experts at Hidayaa will guide you in purchase and sale of right stocks at the right time. Please contact Hidayaa for more details.
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