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Frequency Asked Questions
  1. I have a Demat Account with another DP.  Can I use the same Demat Account in Hidayaa?

    Yes, you can link the same Demat Account to your Trading Account in Hidayaa.

  2. What is the process of linking non Hidayaa Demat account to Hidayaa Trading Account?

    While filling up your application for opening a Trading Account with Hidayaa, you will have to furnish the Demat Account details and enclose a copy of proof of the same.

  3. Can I do online fund transfer?

    Yes, you can do online fund transfer provided your bank supports online
    fund transfer between banks.  Some banks which are known to support online fund transfer are HDFC Bank & ICICI Bank.  If you hold a savings account with any other bank, please check with them if the bank supports inter-bank online fund transfer.

  4. Can an NRI invest in Indian Stock Market?

    Yes, an NRI can invest in Indian Stock Market.

  5. How to trade through Hidayaa?

    You have the following options to trade through Hidayaa
    • Trade Online
    • Trade in Person
    • Trade on Telephone

  6. How should I know whether a company is Shariah-compliant or not?

    You can use the ‘Shariah Stock’ Search feature on Hidayaa site to check for Shariah-compliance.

  7. How can I know what is the % of interest in a company’s income?

    The % of interest in a company’s income is provided to the clients of Hidayaa at the end of Financial Year to enable them to dispose off interest income from the profits earned.

  8. How much should I invest to start with?

    There is no lower or upper limit as such.  However, a general advice is to invest that sum in the market which is otherwise idle for at least 1 year.

  9. What is the success rate of your daily stock recommendations?

    Based on our past experience, the success rate of daily stock recommendations is around 65-75%.

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